What is Stealth Alerts?

Stealth Alerts is a real-time stock screening and idea generating platform for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It lets your formulated strategies keep up with the market at any given time. In the world of online stock trading, the ability to identify trends is of paramount importance. It can be vital to have a stock filtering program working to help you expertly track your investments. Your devised strategies will give you tick-by-tick analysis of the market in a format that you specify, whether it is by TickAlert (ticker) or StateView (ranking window). Stealth Alerts is a perfect stock screener for day traders whose ideas know no bounds and need stock trading software with no imagination limit.






What does Stealth Alerts look like?

There are two products: Stealth Alerts Client and Stealth Quant. The Client receives real-time data from pre-defined system filters and filters that you choose to create (through our rule writers) based on your own needs. Stealth Quant receives real-time data from your own library of filters/macros that you can choose to create/edit/delete on the fly. Stealth Quant also allows you to integrate charts flawlessly into the system, giving you even more in-depth analysis of the market. Both products allow you to dabble into the convenience of automated trading while still maintaining an incredible amount of control over what you see and how you trade.



Stealth Alerts Client




Stealth Quant



What if I want to share Stealth Quant filters from a centralized location?


Our Server product can distribute Stealth Quant filters to certain clients. 

Please inquire about this feature for additional pricing.


Where do I sign up?


Please contact:
Sales Department– sales@stealthalerts.com – 888-435-5554
for setup with a trial and any questions related to Stealth Alerts.




Stealth Alerts Client Quick Start Guide


What's the difference between the two products?